An extravagant event to remember

Throughout history, Arab weddings have always exuded luxury and tradition. Despite the transition of customs that are specific to the respective countries across the Arab region, the elements of culture and religious rituals remain the same, such as Al Henna, Al Melkah, Al Ers and Al Khotoba.

Before you enter into the connection of a lifetime, here are a few tips and trends to make your wedding even more unique and elegant.

  • Match earrings with your hairstyle

Finding the balance between your hairstyle and your earrings is essential to bringing out the features that best define “you”.

To start, short to shoulder-length or structured hairstyles are usually combined with delicate diamond earrings, such as the ones from the Mushawak Classic Collection.

In contrast, long, curly or voluminous hair works better with drop statement earrings, especially more so if it is worn down. The Dinar Classic Collection comprises detachable or customisable jewellery pieces that will ensure it will not be hidden by your locks but also not shift attention from your bridal glow.

Your wedding jewelry should be an accessory to your wedding dress and emphasise and accentuate the elegance and grace it holds.

  • Sentimentality is paramount

The perfect attire for a wedding differs across various generations. Your wedding should be a day that is celebrated with a focus on you and your loved one.

Family heirlooms that are passed on, bring with them the numerous memories it holds, ready to make new ones as you embark on a new stage in your life. Whether it is a favorite necklace from your mother, your aunt’s cherished bangle or your grandmother’s heritage piece from her wedding, they each showcase incredible significance to the holder. Taking it along with you, while dress shopping will help you with the decision in choosing the dress that complements it. This will prevent you from reconsidering making drastic last-minute changes to your ensemble while also indicating that this jewllery holds incredible meaning to you too.

  • Creativity with a personal touch

With stylish and creative designs being introduced almost every season, jewellery enthusiasts are looking to mix and match to blend in with current trends. As of late, we have witnessed more and more brides looking for state-of-the-art masterpieces that reflect their Arabian heritage and shop with brands that align with their own personal values. One notable sustainable approach has been brides looking for jewelers that have the skill and expertise in recutting or remaking a family heirloom or repurposing a jewel to suit a more contemporary style or setting.

Traditional wedding dresses are worn by the Omani bride and her family usually comprise of embroidery in bright colours of red and green. The Hirz Necklace/Murtasha adorns the bride’s neck, complemented by the Shambar headpiece. Jewellery around the wrists includes a pair of Teembi and Mushawak bangles and five distinct rings on each finger. Gabriya on the thumb, Shahid on the index, Murabba on the middle and Heisa and Shadabiyya on the ring and little fingers respectively. The attractive outfit is complete with exquisite anklets and a chin piece.

Whatever jewellery you choose, remember to make sure that it makes you feel comfortable, so that you can pull off the air of confidence and let your beauty shine on your special day.

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