Your Style Statement for Khareef

Your Style Statement for Khareef

Oman’s subtropical climate is familiar to the population, bringing with it hot and dry weather and a light breeze on occasion. Around the middle of the year, the Khareef season kicks off in the region of Dhofar, ushered in by the rain clouds that descend on the mountain ranges. This continues till the end of August with the promise of cooler weather in months to come.

“More is more” is the essence of winter trends for this year, with layered necklaces and bold branding pieces making their way into the fashion industry. Keep the delicate ones aside and find your statement piece that stands out, whether it is something you consider an embodiment of your personality, a preferred good luck charm or something that brings out a sentiment or a nostalgic retro feel.

To get you ready for the change in weather, we’ve got you covered with the latest fashion trends that align with the cooler climate. It is the perfect time to try out new styles or delve into classic pieces that you love. In either case, there’s always a way to put a new spin on your attire and accompanying jewellery.

Here are some of our recommendations for styles that you can use to alternate when it comes to jewellery, your wardrobe and your activity of choice.

Take on adventure

Cooler weather means more reason to go out. Visit places of interest or immerse yourself in the history of times past at heritage spots for a change of scene or even treks up the mountain. Wadi Darbat, one of the most picturesque and popular wadis in Dhofar, is completely enveloped with greeneries during the season. Journey to the beautiful lake present there and let the mesmerising waterfalls take your breath away. Remember to wear pieces that do not hamper mobility but still make a distinctive impression on people you might meet on the way.

Marvel at heritage and culture

Situated in the Haffa district of Salalah, the Haffa Souq is a remarkable place for tourists and residents alike. It is home to makeshift shops that sell a variety of commodities, including frankincense, perfumes, local attire, handicraft and souvenirs. Take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with pieces that have bold branding such as the Dots Collection, while still paying homage to the country’s rich heritage.

Join in the festivities

Don’t miss the chance of visiting the flamboyant and unique ‘Khareef Festival’, held to celebrate the season. Also known as the ‘Salalah Tourism Festival’ it comprises of incredible traditional performances, accompanied by stalls that serve several delectable Omani cuisines and others with handicrafts to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Blend in with the revelries and parades, and turn heads with our Mushawak Choker and Mushawak Classic Necklace. The layering design stacks varying elements such as sizes, shapes and hues to accentuate the wearer’s look, without compromising on a sense of personalisation.

If you are looking for something simpler yet stylish, the floral designs from our Zahra Collection and Sara Bloom Collection for your kids, are more than up to the task. The delicate intricate patterns showcase appreciation of the beauty around us and fit in splendidly with the festival’s jubilant surroundings.


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