Shine bright this summer

With the bright outlook of the forthcoming days, summer is the season to let your beauty shine. However, before you delve into your wardrobe, this thought might cross your mind – what items from my Jewellery will go best with my outfit?

Here are a few insights to help you put that extra sparkle and let your radiance glow.

  • Outfits with bold colours or busy patterns would preferably be well balanced with a simple statement jewel. Thin chains and singular pendants are an excellent combination to not take away attention from your outfit of choice but a distinctive embellishment.
  • Singular summer colour tones with shades from the monochromatic end of the spectrum are so in! Black, white and lighter colours of beige and nude keep your look simple and elegant. That’s where you can bring in the rings with vivid stone combinations that give your chosen style a little dazzle.
  • Nothing says chic with grace like an anklet and puts a spring in your step. Subtle, yet eye-catching, anklets pair well with jeans and summer dresses and are even more accentuated with open-toed footwear, backless loafers or flats.
  • Opposites attract! Depending on the colour tones of your outfit, switch up the hues. Warm colours with jewellery products with cooler tones and vice versa. Try different variations and you can even combine block colours like white and black outfits with either gold, silver, white or rose gold ornaments.

Ultimately what matters is finding a style that you’re comfortable with and what combinations work best for you. So go ahead, accessorise and seize the day – in your own way.

Trends to keep an eye out for to up your jewellery game

Like the seasons of the year, fashion trends are ever-changing and dynamic. So spark some joy this year and hone into your feel-good vibes that keep pace with the industry.

  • All about the ABCs: Nameplates and letter pendants are making a comeback. Personalise your name or a letter and pair it with another jewellery item every day.

Pick out an Arabic letter of your preference with our range of pendants from the Huroof collection to add a personalised element to your outfit

  • What’s your sign: Embrace your astrological side with a zodiac sign themed jewel and wear it proud with a long or short chain. Rings with birthstones are also a huge yes!
  • Mix and match: One rule for 2022 – There are none. Pick out the jewels you fancy and switch up the metal colour palette for extra bling.

Draw attention to your choice of attire with a brilliant and meticulously designed Mushawak Classic Anklet

  • Let’s get loud: Jewellery with large stone rings with multiple jewels and chunky statement products are making up for the lack of dressing up opportunities for the last couple of years. Bold AND beautiful.
  • Throwback to the times: Smartwatches are cool but vintage ones will always hold their own form of nostalgia. Bring out your retro-styled and classic watches and embrace your time-traveller aesthetic.


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